The Coin Builders

We are The Coin Builders.

We are your one stop shop for all of coin needs, whether you need a coin from scratch or you already have a coin. We provide all the services you could ever need for your coin.

We are affordably priced and technically proficient and excel in all needs for wallet construction, including nodes, mining pool, and explorers. Additionally, we can help with announcement pages discord channels, and help to grow your brand.

Your one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency!

We are The Coin Builders!

We can provide a turnkey solution if you are looking for a new coin. This not only includes a wallet, but much more. We offer services for both the front and back end of coin development.
Our backend development includes graphics built into the wallet as well as nodes hard coded inside them. Our front end services includes many forms of brand development and announcements. Preparing the way for getting your coin listed on an exchange and then moving forward.

We provide a windows and linux wallet in our basic package with hard coded nodes, a splash screen and a gui interface. Our graphic artist is amazing and can generate images for you or you can supply your own. We provide 4 nodes for 2 months in order to get you up and running when you start. A github repository is also created for you coin.
A mining pool is set up for two months in the basic package and allows for startup mining. A crucial feature for all coins is a block explorer and we provide one as well. This block explorer contains all of the features desired by exchanges to have a coin listed. Finally, if desired, announcements for the coin and a dicord channel will be set up.
Many more features can be added or specified. Terms and conditions can be created, for example, 6 months of node hosting. You can specify what you need for the coin and for the community you wish to develop.

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