The Coin Builders

We are The Coin Builders.

We are your one stop shop for all of coin needs, whether you need a coin from scratch or you already have a coin. We provide all the services you could ever need for your coin.

We are affordably priced and technically proficient and excel in all needs for wallet construction, including nodes, mining pool, and explorers. Additionally, we can help with announcement pages discord channels, and help to grow your brand.

Your one stop shop for all things cryptocurrency!

We are The Coin Builders!

We provide a comprehensive package of services. A fully tested coin with original artwork, nodes, and a mining pool. This is a turn key package. We can deliver a superior product quickly. Typically within 14 days to give ourselves some leeway but usually way less. Additionally, we can do many other things for your coin from a hard fork, to a mining pool, to nodes, and so on.

When specifying services desired please be specific and list everything you would want. The Coin Builders will do everything in our powers to meet your needs. Some of the more common services we can provide are

Mining Pools
Community Development

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